Meet Your Baristas

Ahva Bozorgzad
June 9, 2021

Hello! My name is Ahva Bozorgzad (on the right) and I am a co-owner and barista of the Sun Beans Coffee Cart. I am currently a student at Western Washington University studying Molecular and Cell Biology and Economics and plan on attending graduate school after undergrad to pursue my love for medicine and become a healthcare provider. Aside from my love for science, I somewhere along the road developed the strong desire to start my own business one day and in 2020, we decided to combine that desire with our shared love for coffee. I grew to love and appreciate the intricacies of espresso when I began taking advantage of the hundreds of artisan coffee shops in Vancouver. The more I learned, the more I realized how much there was that I did not know and this depth of knowledge intrigued me and motivated me to learn as much as I could. I look forward to being able to create an exceptional product and overall experience for the members of our community to take joy in.

Hi everyone, I’m Sara Bozorgzad (on the left) and I am a co-owner and barista of the Sun Beans Coffee Cart. I am a student at UBC in Vancouver, BC studying Chemical and Biological engineering. During my freshman year of college working as a barista, I quickly gained a love and an interest in the coffee industry. The detail and precision required to make perfect espresso, back to back customer interactions, the complexity of the whole process from farm to café are a few attributes that drew me in. The business attitude that my sister and I shared led us to create this coffee cart in hopes to share great coffee and model a low environmental footprint business. We are so excited to provide an everyday staple and pick-me-up for members of our community, with flexibility to go wherever it is needed.

Written by
Ahva Bozorgzad
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